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Past & Present

Our journey began in 1998 in a small shop in Harker heights Texas, where we started a traditional apprenticeship. A couple years went by, and we realized what we had learned, was what to do and what not to do in this business. After much discussion we decided the best way for us to excel and be in the atmosphere we desired was to open a shop of our own. In December of 2000 with blood and sweat and a few tears, 

Second To None Tattoos was born. 

For 11 years in Killeen Texas our business ran strong. We met some amazing people and had a fantastic crew, but it was time to move on. 

With a move to Florida, and then back to Texas for a couple years, we realized Florida was the place for us to call home. 

Durning this time, we traveled. Along the way we had the opportunity to hit multiple conventions and the pleasure of meeting artists from around the world, to whom we now consider family. 

In 2016 our journey in Texas would come to a close, and we headed back to Florida.  


So with some sad goodbye's and the exciting thought of new adventures, we headed on our way. January 2017 we began 

Top Hat Classic Tattoo. 

We are back in Florida and are blessed to have such good clients and friends that we have made over the years. We promise to continue giving it our all!! 

Below is an album with "Past & Present" photos of our journey with our  life long friends and cherished family. We hope it gives you a little insight as to who we are, and why we do what we do.